Valley Vertikiller

25k Trail Race

Course Information

Sumas Mountain Regional Park

The point to point course has 1500m of elevation and 1300m of descent and consists of 90% single track trails weaving up and down the mountain, past the serene Chadsey Lake, followed by a killer climb that rewards you with an epic view of the Cheam range overlooking the eastern Fraser Valley.

You’ll be contemplating how long to catch your breath before you begin the first fast technical descent on the world class Knob Gobbler. As you wind up and down the mountain there will be many bridges and creeks nestled deep in the forest setting which keep it challenging and picturesque.

As you cruise down Time Killer you may be distracted by the endless views of the Western Valley where the mighty Fraser River weaves its way past the tri-cities. Because just one big climb isn’t enough for the Vertikiller, we added one more climb to get you warmed up for the fast and flowy descent on Squid Line, the perfect way to end your race and cross the finish line strong at the lower parking lot.

Aid Station
Four Aid Stations are located throughout the race as indicated on the map.

The route will be very well marked with flagging tape and custom ATRC signs.
These will be removed by the sweeps that follow the last racer.

Trail Maintenance

Trail Maintenance Days will be posted on ATRC IG/Facebook. Trail runners can come out to help
repair and improve the trails on the trail maintenance days. They learn new skills like building steps. No experience is required. This is a great way for trail runners to give back to the community. They are also able to donate to the FVMBA.

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Sumas Mountain Regional Park

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