Valley Vertikiller

Trail Race

October 8, 2022

Race Regulations

The Valley Vertikiller is a rigorous and challenging event. We’ve designed an awesome race for you to enjoy and are counting down the days until race day. Trail races are for people with guts, people who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, and people who know they are up for a challenge. Participation in this event presents the possibility of personal risks, many of which can be serious or possibly fatal.

On race day, racers must respect the direction and authority of the Vertikiller Staff and volunteers for their own safety. Please review the following Valley Vertikiller race rules and key messages prior to race day so that you:
A) stay safe and forever be a part of the Vertikiller Lore
B) know what’s going on and be the cool kid in your crew with all the answers
C) not be subject to public shaming (read on to find out how to avoid said shaming)

Racer Sign In and On Course Safety

  • This is a point-to-point race. It is MANDATORY that runners check in at the Lower Sumas Mountain Parking Lot (the official Finish Line) between 7:30 -8:00 am, prior to boarding the complimentary shuttle to the Start Line. Race Day timeline including check in time and shuttle, and parking information is on the website:
  • STRONGLY RECOMMENDED GEAR: The forecast for race day is looking chilly and wet. Plus, once you reach the top of Sumas mountain the temperature will be significantly colder. Please dress accordingly. Due to the forecast it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you either be wearing/carrying a second layer or be carrying an emergency foil blanket with you. In the unlikely event of an injury it may take our Search and Rescue volunteers a while to get to you so the extra layer or blanket will be crucial to keep you warm. Please consider carrying the 10 essentials with you for safety purposes. Click on this link to learn more:
  • Runners will have 5.5- 6 hours to complete the course. The finish line officially closes at 3:00pm. The cutoff for the “25km Half Way” aid station/checkpoint (World Cup) is 1:00pm and the cutoff for the final checkpoint, 10km for 16k racers & 19k for 25k racers, (Squid Line) is 2:00 pm. If a runner reaches the final aid station/checkpoint after the published cutoff time their race will be discontinued and they will be assisted back to the finish line area. This will result in a DNF.
  • Race Numbers MUST be visible and worn on the front at all times. All runners MUST be checked through each aid station/checkpoint by a race official. It is the runner’s responsibility to ensure that the official sees the number.
  • Vehicles have the right of way. Please stay inside the designated race area on the road sections and obey Course Marshals.
  • Aid stations will be stocked with water and the main aid station at the 7km Eastern Lookout will have F2C Glycodurance (carbs and electrolytes), fruit, chips, candy – although we recommend that you pack plenty of hydration and fuel of your own. Medical assistance will be available at aid stations and certain checkpoints along the route.
  • Dropping Out: If you find it necessary to drop from the race, you must do so at an aid station/checkpoint by notifying an Aid Station/Checkpoint Volunteer. If you feel you cannot get to the nearest aid station, please notify the Course Director immediately (see last point for contact information). Do not leave the course without notifying an Aid Station/Checkpoint Volunteer. If we can’t account for your whereabouts an expensive search and rescue operation will be initiated. If you do drop out, even if it is at an Aid Station/Checkpoint, when you arrive at the finish line area, you MUST check in with the Course Director at the timing tent to ensure the timers record you as DNF and we avoid the expensive search and rescue operation situation.
  • Mandatory Drop Out: Medical staff and event organizers have the authority to pull a runner from the event should they deem it unsafe for the runner to continue. The runner MUST comply with this decision.
  • If you are injured or come across another injured runner needing immediate help please call the Course Director,
    Mike Thomas @ (778) 242-9830.
    You may want to have this numbers in your phone for race day.

Be Respectful of Others

  • While participating in the Valley Vertikiller, you will be traveling through residential areas, Crown Land and Regional Park Lands. The route is open to the public on race day so be aware and mindful of other trail users on race day.
  • Please be polite and respect local residents so as to minimize any disruption.
  • Yield to other runners wishing to pass. Don’t be “that person”!
  • Please notify event staff or volunteers of any possible hazards (ie. wildlife, unsafe course conditions, etc.) especially if you see a Sasquatch. Definitely notify us of that.

Be Respectful of Nature

  • Do not litter on the course. This will result in disqualification and possible public shaming. Pack out what you pack in.
  • To minimize the amount of waste, this is a cup-free event, meaning you’ll need to pack along your own source to refill fluids at aid stations and at the finish line. Here are two suggestions: A packable style bottle, or a homemade version in which you simply lop the top off of an empty kids juice box.
  • Stay on the designated trails. The course will be well marked with flagging tape and signage.

Course Washrooms

  • Outhouses are located at the Finish line area (For after the race as well as during registration before being shuttled to the Start line), the Start line area and at the Upper Parking lot (approx 12km mark for 25k route only).
  • If you are at the back of the pack of racers and need to leave the trail to use the “outdoor facilities” please leave your pack or jacket on the trail as this will signal to the sweepers not to pass you by. We want to make sure the sweepers are always behind the last racers – if you duck into the forest and we don’t know you are there they will assume you are in front of them. This may cause us to panic – and you may be embarrassed to tell the Search and Rescue team after they locate you that you just had to take a poopie.

The Miscellaneous No-No List

  • No short-­cuts. That’s cheating and NOT COOL. Again, public shaming.
  • Poles are NOT allowed
  • No dogs. We love them too – but NO.
  • No Headphones. Enjoy the forest sounds around you. Think of it as the Scandinave Spa concept. We will have some groovy tunes for you at the finish line!
  • No transfers or refunds.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or concerns. For further details
regarding the course and other race details please refer to our webpage

Have a great night, see you Race Day morning!

The Vertikiller Team


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